Disclaimer & Regulatory Compliance

Philadelphia PRP and Stem Cell Institute therapies adhere to all relevant FDA guidelines. The MSC (mesenchymal stem cell) therapy we provide is an FDA-accepted part of the practice of medicine, because we only process and apply cells from your bone marrow that you already have in your body. We do not use adipose-derived MSCs as they are not FDA-approved for applications other than cosmetic treatments. We produce PRP using 510(k) cleared medical devices, registered and fully compliant with FDA regulations.

All medical procedures have a success and failure rate. Any patient reviews, testimonials, or other claims of cures are not intended as proof of effectiveness for any particular, individual ailment.

The educational information included on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a healthcare professional and is not medical advice. We make it available in the hopes that prospective patients become as informed as possible about the many benefits, but also the risks involved in regenerative medicine.

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